Rated E for Educational – Dangerous Minds – Episode 5

Rated E for Educational looks at the relationship between students and teachers and how this is portrayed in film. Basically we had so many examples of us saying ‘they clearly have no idea what a teacher really does’ that we decided to share our thoughts in podcast form.
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When a pretty white woman takes a substitute teaching role at a school with students in precarious situations she learns quickly that no textbook on teaching is going to help her. Swapping her dowdy rags for a leather coat and some attitude, Michael Pfieffer gives all of the students an A, which surprises the back chat out of them. Slowly but surely, with a lot of missteps, she learns how to teach in a very tough environment with little mentoring support and a frowny-faced education system. It’s the episode where Daniel and Amy get very serious for a while because this film depicts something that is real – students whose hope at breaking the link between poverty and disadvantage is education. It’s the episode where we defend a film that has been maligned through the decades as a Hollywood trope of white lady saving black kids (which is still true, but there’s a lot more going on in this film). Hosts: Daniel Cohen and Amy Cotton

Erin Marr’s review of Dangerous Minds

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