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Educationally Sound features discussions with interesting and prominent people in the field of education in Australia.

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Episode 2

Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross, Accreditation Advisor, Leadership and High Performance Directorate, NSW Department of Education, works with teachers to demonstrate their practice against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. In this conversation she shares insight into her background experiences and her current work, and how they continue to inform her practice as a teacher. A strong advocate for volunteering, Rebecca considers how the English Teachers Association NSW helped shape her professional practice. Host: Amy Cotton, Teacher Learning Network.


Episode 1

AEU Principals Conference (Inclusivity) 27-28 April 2017

The Australian Education Union Victorian Branch’s 2017 principal conference was on the topic of inclusivity. In this episode, Teacher Learning Network interviews Gill Callister, Secretary Victorian Department of Education, conference delegates (Pauline Barker, Greensborough College; Terry Bennett, Melba College; Vincent Sicari, Eltham High School; Karen Terry, St Helena Secondary College) and conference organiser David Tyson, Professional Learning Manager, AEU Victorian Branch. Topics include the nature of inclusivity and the work currently being undertaken by several schools in Victoria. Discussion turns to annual implementation plans and how these have been used to push an agenda of greater inclusivity. Host: Amy Cotton, TLN.