TLN Early Childhood Journal (April 2020) – Spotlight on an Educator

In this episode we have a conversation with Early Childhood Educator, Manik Gadre who works as a part of the Brighter Futures Program in New South Wales. This episode focuses around the TLN Early Childhood Journal – April Edition 2020’s  focus area “Dealing with Trauma in Early Childhood”

About the TLN Early Childhood Journal

The TLN Early Childhood Journal connects teachers and educators working in the profession with key issues that face the Early Childhood Sector. As a free element to their TLN Membership, each journal features articles written by teachers/educators, PhotoEssays, links to TLN Early Childhood Courses and much more.

To become a member of the TLN, as either a centre or an individual, and to become a part of this vibrant and powerful Early Childhood please  CLICK HERE

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