Rated E for Educational – Mean Girls – Episode 3

Rated E for Educational looks at the relationship between students and teachers and how this is portrayed in film. Basically we had so many examples of us saying ‘they clearly have no idea what a teacher really does’ that we decided to share our thoughts in podcast form.
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When a home-schooled pop-singer decides she’s going to go straight and attend high school, she’s in for a big surprise. High school is hard, and people are harder! Lindsay Lohan faces bullying, popularity contests, maths quizzes, romance and lots of metaphors in this kick-arse film that changed the slang a whole generation uses. Watch teachers walking on their hind legs, students walking on all fours, and a principal with no control over anything. It’s the episode where hosts Daniel Cohen and Amy Cotton fail to be funnier than the original material.

Erin Marr’s review of Mean Girls

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