Rated E for Educational – School of Rock – Episode 2

Rated E for Educational looks at the relationship between students and teachers and how this is portrayed in film. Basically we had so many examples of us saying ‘they clearly have no idea what a teacher really does’ that we decided to share our thoughts in podcast form.
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When an out-of-work, no-hoper rocker runs out of luck, he decides to engage in identify theft and misrepresent himself as a substitute teacher. What follows is a series of shenanigans not recommended in any teaching textbook, including unapproved excursions, inadvisable lesson structures and upsetting the parent body of a prestigious independent school. Slowly the hero’s heart is warmed by the students he teaches as he uses them to achieve his own musical goals, but will he win over the parent community, challenge the bedrock of pedagogical theory and win the rock competition? Our hosts Daniel Cohen and Amy Cotton find out in this episode.

Erin Marr’s review of School of Rock

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