Rated E for Educational – Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back – Episode 4

What do you do when you’re a twenty-something orphan who just blew up a prototype space station? Head to Dagobah! The ultimate spring break destination where the humidity makes your skin glow. As an optional extra you can be taught by a 900 year old swamp resident in the ways of the Force, a mystical energy field that does some pretty cool stuff. But will you be a good student despite having to get a dead ex-teacher’s recommendation? Nope, you’re going to argue with the greatest teacher the Force has ever known and you’re going to land your X-Wing right in the middle of a pond, despite being known as one of the best pilots in the galaxy.  It’s the episode where Daniel shows he knows embarrassingly little about the Star Wars universe and Amy demonstrates waaaaaay too much detailed interest. Will Amy be persuaded by the dark side that their teaching techniques are better? Find out now! Hosts: Daniel Cohen and Amy Cotton.

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